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Guaranteed Remanufacture of Positive Displacement Blowers

Guaranteed Remanufacture of Positive Displacement BlowersMidstates Blower is an established remanufacturer of rotary positive displacement blowers. As an independent corporation, we remanufacture all makes and models of positive displacement blowers such as Roots®, M.D.®, Sutorbilt®, Gardner Denver®, and Duroflow®.

Each unit is disassembled and completely inspected for wear, metal fatigue and potential part failure. All competent parts found not to be within OEM specifications are replaced with new. Our computerized machine centers and metal shaping equipment allow us to manufacture many of the gears, impellers, end plates and even the rotor housing assemblies used in our remanufacturing operation.

Parts that are not manufactured by Midstates Blower are outsourced or OEM, but all parts used in the remanufacturing process meet or exceed OEM standards. The advantage to you, the customer, is a quality blower, delivery at a very competitive price.

All remanufactured blowers are bench tested at full vacuum and full pressure.
Midstates Blower guarantees each unit “as new” for 1 full year.



Positive displacement blowers

New blowers in stock; Roots ®, MD ®, DuroFlow ®, etc.

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Standard Design, Custom Engineered

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Pneumatic Conveying Components

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