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Machine Rotary Airlocks

Rotary AirlocksMidstates Blower is the leading rebuilder and remanufacturer of machined rotary airlocks. Rebuilding this equipment has proven to be a cost effective alternative to the purchase of new equipment.

Our complete machine shop has the capability to rebore the airlock barrel, rebuild or fabricate new rotors, face or replate end plates, plate interior surfaces, replace rotor shafts and install new bearings and seals. Rotor clearances are reset to factory tolerances and all work is fully warranted.



Positive displacement blowers

New blowers in stock; Roots ®, MD ®, DuroFlow ®, etc.

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Blower packages and accessories

Standard Design, Custom Engineered

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Pneumatic Conveying Components

Couplings, Elbows, Tubing, Etc.

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